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Panama Santa Clara Capuchin Monkey Washed

Origin Panama /

Region Chiriqui /

Altitude 1400 - 1700 masl /

Crop Year 2017 /

Varietal Caturra and Typica /

Product Code 4606

About Panama Santa Clara Capuchin Monkey Washed

This lot is one of the more affordable options coming out of Panama. The coffee comes from Casa Ruiz and the name “Capuchin Monkey” was given to it because of monkeys that are emblematic to the Santa Clara region. Casa Ruiz was created as an anonymous society (a corporation) in 1979. The company was founded by the Ruiz Arauz couple. Their children became part of the Board of Directors and in the present, all of them are shareholders. The corporation came about from the natural growth of a personal trade activity conducted by Mr. Plinio Antonio Ruiz González with the support of his wife Mrs. Elisa Aurora Araúz de Ruiz. The trade activity began in 1969.

The coffee is processed as a fully washed lot, meaning that red ripe cherry is picked, pulped and fermented for 48-72 hours depending on the climate conditions at the time. After that the coffee is washed to remove the mucilage and laid out to dry. Once the parchment is dried to the optimal moisture content, it’s bagged up and stored in the warehouse so that the coffee can rest and stabilize. After the coffee is rested it’s hulled, milled, graded and bagged up ready for export.

About Chiriqui


September 29, 2017

General Comments: Creamy cup of toffee, chocolate & stewed fruits with a long finish.