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Costa Rica Tres Hermanas Washed

Origin Costa Rica /

Altitude 1670-1750 masl /

Crop Year 2017 /

Varietal Caturra & Catuai /

Product Code 4499

About Costa Rica Tres Hermanas Washed

Tres Hermanas is owned by Don Miguel Gamboa. Don Miguel is a coffee grower who owns a tiny coffee farm, who had traditionally sold his cherry to the local big Vocafe coffee beneficio. Last year Don Miguel and his family decided that it was time to process their coffee all the way to green bean and export it under their own name.

The farm is located south of San Jose in the region of Aserri, very close to the Tarrazu region. This is a superb land to produce coffee, the cherry ripening is deep and uniform, there are virtually no fungal diseases. When we visited this farm earlier this year they have just finalized the installation of the equipment for their micro beneficio. The name of the farm is Finca Tres Hermanas, which means Three Sisters Estate and is named after Don Miguel and Benigna’s three beautiful daughters Yenixa, Jocelyn and Yerlin.

The whole Gamboa family gets involved in the farm work, the father, the mother and the daughters, all cooperate with the picking and processing of the coffee. It is so refreshing to see a family working hard together as one with a common and simple purpose: to improve their livelihood through hard and honest work. When we asked Yenixa, the eldest daughter what did they expected to achieve with the new micro beneficio she responded with a humble but firm self-confidence by saying:

“Our micro beneficio has cost us around US$15,000. This is a huge investment for our family but we felt we needed to do it in order to improve the price of our coffee and to have a better future and a better education for my two younger sisters. Also, we want our product to be pure, not to be mixed with the coffees of hundreds of farmers at the big Volcafe mill, with our new micro beneficio we will be able to offer our coffee pure and unblended. We know we have a superb quality product and we want the world to know it.”

About Costa Rica

Coffee came to Costa Rica in the last decade of the eighteenth century. Slowly and with perseverance, coffee growing expanded over the high lands of the Central Valley. The growth and trading of coffee changed this country, allowing Costa Rica to become the first Central American country to establish coffee as an industry.

Costa Rica produces excellent quality coffee. The development of these coffee plant varieties are strong in their constitution and delicate in the quality of their fruit. The contribution of rich soils that have a slight degree of acidity and rich organic matter that have attributed from enriched volcanic ashes, assists the coffee plants’ roots in retaining humidity and facilitating oxygenation. It is this combination of these growing conditions that give Costa Rican coffee its unique flavours, making it a suberbly aromatic and well-balanced beverage.

Costa Rican Coffee is grown in a number of regions, each producing its own characteristics;West Valley (high fine acidity very good body,very good aroma), Central Valley, (high fine acidity, good body, good aroma), Tarrazu (high fine acidity, very good body, very good aroma), Tres Rios (high fine acidity, very good body, very good aroma), Orosi (good acidity, good body, good aroma), Brunica (normal acidity, normal body, normal aroma) Turrialba (normal acidity, little body, good aroma).


August 25, 2017

General Comments: Soft apple acidity, chocolate sweetness with notes of hazelnut & honey.