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Ethiopia Hunda Oli Washed

Origin Ethiopia /

Region Limu /

Altitude 2038 masl /

Crop Year 2017 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 4273

About Ethiopia Hunda Oli Washed

The Hunda Oli station was constructed in 2012 with the technical assistance of TechnoServe’s coffee initiative. It used to be part of one of the largest coops in the country OCFCU (Oromia coffee farmers cooperative union), however last year they split up and have now formed their own cooperative (Keta Muduga Cooperative Union) with a number of top specialty producers in the region.

Cooperative members selectively pick fully ripe red cherries and deliver to coop’s wet mill, the red cherry received by the coops is then soaked in the tanker filled with water to sort out some floating cherries before pulping. Normally pulping is done after sun set. As the cherry is pulped using a mechanical demucilager, there is no need for fermentation. The parchment is soaked in the soaking tank for about 6 hrs to remove any mucilage left on the parchment

Before pulping all over ripe and immature green cherries will be sorted out on the cherry sorting table. Drying is done on 1.10m high raised drying table on mesh wire. The parchment will be covered during the overhead sun and night time. The parchment on the drying table will be frequently turned every 15 minutes for even drying

Number of drying beds: 54 beds (each 15m x 1.60m) Length of drying time: 10 to 13 days

About Limu



May 30, 2017

General Comments: Juicy body with notes of cherry, peach, fig, dried fruits & mild florals.