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Ethiopia Nano Chala Washed

Origin Ethiopia /

Region Limu /

Altitude 1700-1800 masl /

Crop Year 2017 /

Varietal Mixed Heirloom Varieties /

Product Code 4269

About Ethiopia Nano Chala Washed

Nano Chala cooperative means “improve their lives” in Affan Oromo language.

The name Nano Chala is representative of a deep desire to function as a strong cooperative. The Cooperative is designed to promote coffee quality & business to improve the living standard of farmers & to fight poverty.

Nano Chala coffee is somewhat unique in that it grows within already established forest networks resulting in very little maintenance from farmers. The coffee is rarely pruned or watered & is therefore able to be grown & collected from a natural occurring ecosystem, as a result there is no use of agrochemicals such as insecticide or pesticides.

Nano Chala coffee is wet-milled, undergoing a process of overnight soaking & washing followed by slow drying. The slow drying is a gentler process that helps to retain many of the more delicate attributes of the coffee allowing it to retain its quality. The water source for the wet processing is a perennial river & any pulp bi-product is mixed in with soil for compost & is used as an organic fertilizer.

About Limu



May 30, 2017

General Comments: Clean, sweet cup of strawberries, chocolate, toffee & berries.