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Indonesia Flores Marselina Washed

Origin Indonesia /

Region Flores /

Altitude 1300-1500 masl /

Crop Year 2017/18 /

Varietal S795 & Typica /

Product Code 5241

About Indonesia Flores Marselina Washed

The local quality manager for all of our Flores project coffees is Marselina Walu, who also happens to be a Q-grader and manager of the Kagho Masa Cooperative. We set up Marselina with a sample roaster, moisture meter, and calibrated on cupping prior to the start of this year’s harvest so that she could evaluate and approve incoming micro-lots from the selected parcels of land in the area. To improve drying quality, we purchased plastic UV rolls from Java, that the local community used to construct new solar-drying houses.

This lot is the result of Marselina’s direct oversight in selecting deliveries from her own and neighbors’ small farms in Bela, Tolo Roja, and Mala Tura. Each farmer typically pulps, ferments, and washes their own coffee prior to delivering wet-parchment to the community solar-drying house opposite the cooperative office. Marselina and her team take over the drying and quality analysis before approving the lot for shipment.

About Flores

Flores is one of the smaller islands in the Indonesian archipelago, only 580 kms across, and is located 320 kilometers to the east of Bali. Most coffee on the island is produced at elevations of between 1200 to 1800 meters above sea level, and is generally situated on the rugged slopes of the island’s many active and inactive volcanoes. Volcanic soil helps considerably in high quality coffee production, given that the ash creates particularly fertile soils.

Production on the island is predominately shade-grown, and historically pulp-natural processing has been the norm. However, due to large scale growth in the industry, typical pulp-natural processing methods have been increasingly moving to fully washed and wet-hull methods on Flores, as cooperatively run mills are increasingly shifting to these processes.