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Kenya Konyu AA Washed

Origin Kenya /

Altitude 1700 - 1900 masl /

Crop Year 2018 /

Varietal SL 34 & SL 28 /

Product Code 5523

About Kenya Konyu AA Washed

This lot comes from a collection of small-holder farmers in the western side of Kirinyaga district, just south of the famous Mt. Kenya within Kenya’s Central Province. Kirinyaga is one of Kenyan’s most renowned coffee regions delivering immaculately prepared coffees year after year. The region is characterized by its high altitude, rich red volcanic soils and access to clean fresh mountain streams and rivers.

As is typical in Kenya, this lot comes from a well-organized collection of small-scale farmers all part of a central pulpery often referred to as a ‘Coffee Factory. Konyu Coffee Factory, is operated by the Kabare Co-opeative Society that’s effectively owned by it’s by its 250 small-holder members managing around 200,000 coffee trees in the area. Konyu farmers mainly grow SL 34 and SL 28 varieties, harvesting between November and December.

The coffee is fermented and washed with pristine fresh water from Konyu river and carefully sun-dried on African raised beds. Workers come from the nearby town of Kabare and process around 300 tonne of cherry annually. The factory is absolutely beautiful with spectacular views of the snow-capped Mt. Kenya and surrounding rice fields

About Kenya

Kenya is a powerhouse coffee Origin and one that is dear to our hearts. Traditional production practices and attention to detail at the best mills and Estates favour quality unparaelled in other coffee origins and the flavour profiles coming from the best lots can be sublime.

Kenya also has one of the most transparent and rigid buying systems in the world at the Nairobi auctions. There are a number of very well organised, established estates surrounding Nairobi - however the majority of supply comes from farmers organised into cooperative structures as the average farmer will typically have land of between 0.5 and 3 acres. By law in Kenya a farmer with under 5 acres must be organised into a cooperative.

Typically a Coop society may service a number of washing stations - each servicing there surrounding small holder farmers to bring coffees to mrket. It is illegal to sell cherry to a middle man, so to finance, educate, and provide inputs and support to farmers, there are a group of ‘market agents’ who act as representatives to the farmer throughout the chain. These Market agents act as the dry mill partners, and will take their cooperative partner’s coffee through the auction system. Market agents cannot own coffee - they instead charge their partner’s fees for the service of milling, and a small percentage of auction prices once the coffee is sold. These agents are a very important step in connecting the farmer to the market - as it is their samples that are passed on to all exporters bidding at auction - and they along with farmer will set the reserve price at auction and will then negotiate with the end buyer if this reserve is not met.

There are around 15 truly active exporters in Kenya - however there are over 60 registered at auction. Each exporter will cup over 600 lots from the 10 active market agents before each week’s auction. Due to the traceability enforced by law of where each small lot comes from - exporters with experience know which Market agent, representing which society or mill, will produce certain qualities.

Exporters then go to the Nairobi auctions on a Tuesday, after extense cupping and select the lots they want to bid on, and compete with the other exporters to select the lots they want for their markets.