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Rwanda Mwasa Washed

Origin Rwanda /

Altitude 1650 masl /

Crop Year 2016 /

Varietal Red Bourbon /

Product Code 3965

About Rwanda Mwasa Washed

Mwasa washing station is now privately owned by a gentlemen named Alphonse Kayijuka and 10 other well-established farmers from the Nyamasheke district. Mr. Kayijuka is a farmer and businessman born and raised very close by to where the washing station was built back in 2006. Unfortunately the washing station had a fairly rocky time as an infant, going broke within it’s first 2-years. Sadly, this left many local small-holders having to travel long distances to sell their outstanding cherry.

A short while after hearing of it’s closing and seeing the incredible potential in the area, our good friends at Rwanda Trading Company helped relieve Mwasa of it’s crippling debt. In the same year, Mr. Kayijuka mustered the support of 10 ‘larger’ farmers in the area to invest in the project to swiftly get it operating once more. Today Mwasa sources cherry from over 100,000 coffee trees in the area and has blossomed into a very successful station. The facility operates using a 3 disc pulping machine, fermentation tanks and washing channels. Their annual production is 100 tons of parchment, or 72 tons of green.

About Rwanda


March 13, 2017

General Comments: Grape, currants, bergamont, lime acidity with a light jasmine note.