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Rwanda Terimbere Washed

Origin Rwanda /

Altitude 1510 masl /

Crop Year 2016 /

Varietal Bourbon & Typica /

Product Code 3911

About Rwanda Terimbere Washed

Terimbere is a small cooperative washing station on the North Eeastern part of Rwanda. Terimbere started operating in 2014 after equipping the wet mill with a Penagos machine and approaching RTC for partnership. A cooperative of coffee farmers, Terimbere did not understand much about processing coffee with quality. They worked hard and followed the advices of RTC supervision, and have been able to grow their volume to near two containers with high and consist quality.

This past year, Terimbere was the recipient of Quality Award, which is issued by RTC to the station that demonstrates consistent improvement in the quality of their coffees.

About Rwanda


March 13, 2017

General Comments: Full juicy cup of spice, dark fruits & black tea, with a citrus acidity.